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Trade on Ritchie

  • Trade on an exchange that gives you, and your algos, a fighting chance.
  • Free tick data. You can see it here
  • No non-display fees. The NYSE charges a USD6000 fee per month, per subscriber, for non-display use. None of that non-sense on Ritchie; freely use your quantitative algos here using our open API.
  • Affordable colocation. Colocation can cost upwards of USD100M. No paywalling like this on Ritchie; affordable colocation pricing makes for equitable access speeds, and a strong defense against DDOS attacks.
  • Open book/DOM, market order queue, and first-in-first-out (FIFO) queues.
  • Orders matched using an equitable FIFO system. No special orders that enable a chosen few to cut the line.
  • Fair and Orderly. Now, that's a "Fair and Orderly" market!
  • Tick Data

    We are pleased to announce that our test tick data server is up and running!

    Tick data test server


    Ritchie intends to stay in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

    Regulators please click here

    NYC Startup Job Fair

    Ritchie will be an exhibitor at the New York City startup job fair on 30 Sep 2017!

    NYC Startup Job Fair


    USD0.25 per 100-share trade.

    US Quarter Coin

    Order Matching Algorithm

    Modeled after the Nodejs event loop, not only does the order processing engine give all market participants equal opporunity, but is also blazingly fast.

    All orders must be in multipes of 100 shares. Each financial instrument has a circular FIFO which we call a "Richie Ring." Orders are booked 100 shares at a time from this ring: into the market order queue for MKT order, or the specified price level for a STP or LMT order. These queues are all priority heaps.

    As the price moves, these 100-share blocks of orders are matched in the order that they were queued. All queues and heaps are open for public inspection, via both display and API.

    Token ring animation example

    FSF and OSI

    Ritchie is based on principles first set forth in the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative.

    We believe that a market must be transparent, and all data free and available to all market participants at the same time and speed, to be fair and orderly.

    • Free. No market data fees; no "non-display" fees.
    • Transparent. Tick data, DOM, and market order queue are visible and available to all.
    • Time and Speed. All market participants have access to above data at equal time and speed.

    The intention is create the utopian "level playing field," where all traders have access to the same data, at the same time, and same speeds.

    The Ritchie code is open source, and available on our github page.

    Our First IPO

    What can you trade on Ritchie?

    Announcement coming soon!

    Affordable Colocation

    Designed for algorithmic trading, remote into your co-located equipment, and run your proprietary algo. Affordable colocation enables your algos to access the exchange at the same speed as everyone else.

    No "non-display" fees.

    Gold chart


    Market data of all types: tick, depth of market (DOM), order book, matching, and market order queue are all published under the MIT Open-Source License

    Ritchie source code is published under the GNU Public License, aka GPL3.

    NOTE: Although the Ritchie exchange code is free and open-source, algorithms that trade on the exchange "On the Ring" are considered to be at "arms-length," and not required to be published. In other words, you may keep your algorithms secret, and run them on your equipment.

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