To Do List

Please contribute you can. This project is a beast. All the code is on our Gitub page:


  • (C++, Sockets) Implement Ritchie Ring order matching algorithm
  • (C++, Sockets) Create order book

Market Data

  • (C++, Sockets) Create socket interface to market data server
  • (C++, Nodejs, Websockets) Improve market data server


  • (MariaDB) Create regulatory database schema
  • (MariaDB, SQL) Log trade information into database per SEC and FINRA regulatory requirements


  • (Algo trading)Help develop API structure; e.g., buy, sell, market, limit, stop order structure in a way that makes sense.


  • (SSL) Set up Secure certs.


  • (Ring network) Set up ring network structure.


  • (C++, Sockets) Implement FIX order initiator and acceptor
  • (Linux, Windows, Mac) Create local gateway
  • (C++, Sockets) Interface to TCP terminal connection
  • (Websockets) Develop websocket interface to exchange
  • (3rd Party) Interface to Ninjatrader, Tradestation, etc.
  • (C++, Linux, Sockets, Websockets) Develop API.

Web Site

  • (Reactjs) Create Web-based interface to exchange
  • (Reactjs, d3) Create candlestick graph connected to market data feed
  • (Reactjs) Order book widget
  • (Reactjs) Market data queue widget
  • (Reactjs) Ritchie Ring widget
  • (Reactjs) Buy/Sell Widget
  • (Reactjs) Portfolio widget

Account Management

  • (?) Login and account authentication system